do mE even tho we never talk

i don’t know you that well but i love your blogs and you seem really nice and you made me a liam payne stan so i’m forever in your debt tbh


you’re one of the people i’m closest to on here and although we disagree often musically i do value you as a genuine friend and hope that we meet each other soon


I Attended a Pug Pool Party in Staten Island 

Every year, the Staten Island Pug Meetup hosts a pug pool party where pug lovers can watch pug swimming races and eat pug lollipops. Luckily for everyone who missed the event, Amy Lombard took these pictures.

Send me a url and i will tell you my opinion of them


when your waiter comes out with food but it’s for another table








homosexuality is a sin I have the #receipts


Oh stop.

The bible ALSO SAYS in Leviticus to love your neighbor as yourself. For I am The Lord.

You deal with your own sins, God creates every person perfect as they…

remember when brandiglanville said heavy metal heart wasn’t the best song on ntmt when it is in fact both the best song on that album AND the best song sky ferreira ever has made and ever will make

winter makes me so sad

i should have done a lot more biology revision today but i really need to get back on top of my sleeping schedule and also i have three hours of free periods to revise in tomorrow